SkySong | photo credit Wikipedia

If you want to understand more about the problems brought by governmental interference in the free-market land development process, read Peter Corbett’s article that just posted on AZCentral about Steve Ellman and ASU Foundation’s SkySong in South Scottsdale. The Foundation, aka ASUF, is the development group associated with Arizona State University.

Peter’s article also briefly mentions the City Council’s no-bid sale of taxpayer-owned property just east of  SkySong to Mark-Taylor Development for apartments. This is yet another questionable deal to a favored developer, since residential use was specifically excluded by the City and ASUF.

I’ll have another column soon about light rail, mentioned at the end of Peter’s article. Stay tuned!  [Note: I think Mike Merrill gets credit for this hilarious title, correct me if I’m wrong, Mike]


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