My Scottsdale City Government: Who’s In Charge?

John and I have had a multitude of City Government related discussions over the past few months, and it usually goes something like this:

JOHN:  After protracted debate, motions, seconds, alternative motions, and amended motions, the motion ultimately carried upon removal of the disqualification for litigating against the city.

ME: Huh?

Because we agree that there are likely a number of Scottsdale citizens who would benefit from some basics regarding our City Government, we decided that a video series was in order. Today’s installment answers the question: Who’s really in charge?

While this citizens-at-the-top organizational structure is John’s community mantra, this admittedly informal drawing was not of his design. You can visit the City’s web site for the official version.

If you have ideas, input, or constructive criticism, please comment below. We’d love to create future videos based on your questions or suggestions. And if we’ve inspired you to join us at the next City Council meeting, you can reach us by email.

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  1. I just heard about your website & I’m telling my friends about it, too.
    We need a voice to speak up & hold the City Council accountable to the citizens & not to the developers. The Chamber of Commerce owns certain members of the council.

    I & many of my neighbors wrote to the City Council concerning the plan to make Thompson Peak a truck route. In the area North of Frank Lloyd Wright there are 2 schools, Desert Canyon & Notre Dame, where children walk across the 4 lane street. There are 2 school bus stops. With Pima Road & Bell Road nearby there is no need to make Thompson Peak a truck route. As you drive North of Bell Road it is winding & the speed limit changes due to Copper Ridge school traffic. I read in the paper that the Council voted to make it a Truck Route.
    I feel that no one cares & they just don’t listen to us. I pray no one gets hurt because a truck didn’t see a child crossing the street.

    Thank you for giving us a Forum.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Audrey! And also for spreading the word about our mission to introduce Scottsdale residents to their City Government. We appreciate your support. Regarding the truck route issue: John has found that addressing the Council in person can be more powerful than a written opinion. On future issues, if you check the City web site for upcoming meeting agendas( and find a particular issue scheduled, I encourage you to attend that meeting. Contact us in advance of the meeting, and we will save you a seat. Thank you again for your support!

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