Cultural Vultures

There’s a joke that goes, “The mayor, the city treasurer, and the Cultural Council all go into a bar…”

I haven’t figured out the punch line yet, but it will certainly be a laugh at the expense of the taxpayers.

You see, every time the Scottsdale Cultural Council gets into trouble, they circle the wagons and point their guns outward without ever looking into the circle to try to figure out who keeps leading them so far astray. This time the wagon circling took place at Olive and Ivy.

From AZ Central

Mayor Jim Lane, City Treasurer David Smith (husband of SCC trustee Diana Smith), SCC President Bill Banchs, SCC chairman Mike Miller (Scottsdale Insurance), and former SCC chair (now council member) Linda Milhaven (Wells Fargo), huddled to discuss the latest crisis: A whistle blower complaint from a division VP about Banchs creating a hostile work environment.

You should probably also know that Milhaven hired Banchs, and if today is any indication she may still be pulling the strings. You should also know that this is not the first time Lane has given audience to SCC leadership under similar circumstances.

Given that all attendees (save Smith) are heavy hitters In the Chamber of Commerce (CoC President Rick Kidder is also on the SCC board), Lane has earned himself some serious brownie points with the Chamber. No doubt those will come in handy next year at election time.

By the way, I wonder who picked up the tab? It almost doesn’t matter. Even if they split the tab, the taxpayers probably paid it for all attendees. No to mention the $4 million annual contract.

None of these folks have gone hungry lately, but they will continue circling the ever-weakening taxpayers looking for another free meal.

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