City Council Report: Regular Agenda

Meeting video is now posted.

Trying to cover this meeting for the first time in near-real-time has humbled me. I always cursed the Republic for not at least doing a synopsis the next day, but I see now there’s more to it than I thought. On the other hand, the Republic has far greater resources and technology than I have, so…

Here’s MY synopsis. More details and analysis will follow.

The consent items on the agenda were passed without comment on any of them individually. A large number of the items dealt with liquor license recommendations to the State Liquor License Department. Analysis of the other items will be posted as time allows.

Item 22 is the sale of city property immediately east of SkySong. I believe firmly (and told the Council so during public comment on this item) that this sale is being done under an improper interpretation of the City’s procurement code no different than the Civic Center Neighborhood Center sale to Scottsdale Healthcare, and maybe a little worse. I think the property value is perhaps more in line with reality, but the required “public benefit” is virtually non-existent. This will be a huge block of apartment buildings (luxury or not). Where’s the public benefit in that?

Here’s my comment on this item:

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And further on the property value, Dennis Robbins made a clever statement that the purchase price represents “fair market value” because it is in line the prices being paid by the same buyer for adjoining parcels. However, at least one of those was in foreclosure. That doesn’t qualify as “fair market value” in ANYONE’S dictionary.

This item passed 6-1 with only Bob Littlefield opposing.

The Republic posted an article on AZCentral today about this item.

Item 23. I covered this this item in-depth in my earlier post. However, this is my “public comment” on it to the Council:

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A couple of quotable quotes from this discussion:

Borowsky said the micromanagement entailed in this ordinance amendment amounts to, “…majoring in minors.”

Littlefield said the entire discussion had, “…an Alice in Wonderland quality.”

After protracted debate, motions, seconds, alternative motions, and amended motions, McCullagh’s motion ultimately carried upon removal of the disqualification for litigating against the city (which means yours truly can serve out his term on the Airport Advisory Commission, ending in March).

The vote was 4-3 with Lane, Littlefield, and Lisa Borowsky opposing.

Coverage of this item from the Republic also appeared on AZCentral today.

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