Shopping and Fashion: My Favorite Things

Those of you who know me know that I’m not a shopper. In that regard, I think I take after my grandfather, John Wilson Washington. My grandmother, Esther Baines Washington, was about the closest thing to a socialite in the small Oklahoma town where their small business (a Ford dealership) was a pretty big deal during the depression.

Esther once took Wilson to the only menswear shop in Tahlequah (right down the road from Muskogee) to shop for a new suit to replace his threadbare duds. He hemmed (pardon the pun) and hawed for a few minutes until in frustration Esther announced, “I’m not sure we can afford a new suit anyway.” Naturally he was mortally embarrassed and he had to buy TWO in order to prove her wrong.

You can imagine Wilson was not very fashion conscious, and neither am I. Still, I thought this video clip was clever, so I swiped it off the CVB’s web page announcing Fashion Square Malls’ Fashion’s Night Out this Thursday, September 8th, so I could share it with my more fashion-conscious friends (and those who dance…also not my thing).


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