TK’s Urban Tavern, Scottsdale Quarter

TK's Urban Grill Beer Taps
TK's Urban Grill Beer Taps

Scottsdale Quarter is a little outside the boundaries of my normal stomping grounds. However, the person I was meeting for lunch had heard about it TK’s Urban Tavern and suggested we try it. I’m here to tell you, like Douglas MacArthur, I WILL return!

First of all, I like going to the Quarter instead of across the street from it. It’s like Kierland but with easier parking, and my tax dollars stay in Scottsdale (Kierland is in Phoenix, don’t get me started). TK’s Urban Tavern is one block east of Scottsdale Road, and a few yards north of Butherus. Turn in the first parking garage entrance, go up one level to park above TKs, and take the stairs back down and around the corner.

TK’s is a modern, small place. There wasn’t a huge crowd but for Arizona in the middle of a week of extreme heat warnings, they were doing a pretty good business. I was eyeballing the Pulled Pork Sandwich, the Curry Chicken Salad Wrap, and the TK’s Cobb salad. I asked the waiter if I’d like the Pulled Pork, given I’m pretty particular about my BBQ. His response was, it’s so good that BBQ sauce would detract from the flavor. That got my attention.

So, that’s what I got. And the waiter was right. It was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time! Just enough slaw on it to make it interesting, without overpowering the savory pork. Yum! My companion said got the Curry Chicken Salad Wrap and said it was equally good.

The hostess topped off the experience with a delightfully coy parting comment: “Ya’ll aren’t leaving yet, are you? Happy Hour starts in a little bit!”

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