Coming Attractions for Scottsdale City Council

The published agenda for the 13 September meeting of the Scottsdale City Council contains some items of great interest to involved citizens.

Before the regular agenda, the council will do interviews and appointments for citizen boards and commissions. Of note, there are two open seats on the Development Review Board.

The consent agenda contains several liquor license applications and conditional use permits, as well as a few other administrative items.

Item 22 on the regular agenda is the sale of city-owned property on McDowell and Miller to a developer who wants to build apartments and condos adjacent to the SkySong site.

Item 23 and Item 24 relate to rules governing boards and commissions, as well as the overall board and commission structure and function. Boards and Commissions are an important part of how the city council vets issues that may eventually come before it, and they are an important additional avenue for citizens to address concerns and communicate them to city government.

I believe the most important reform to the boards and commissions is how the members are appointed. I have advocated for years for direct appointments. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure this won’t even be discussed.

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