Where’s Your Favorite Restroom?

My sister likes to tease that I know every restroom in Scottsdale, which makes me the perfect target for Josh Kenzer’s recent post, Looking for Scottsdale’s Best Restroom?

Apparently, our very own Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts is a finalist in Cintas Corporation’s effort to find America’s Best Restroom!  We’re in fine company, with other finalists including The Field Museum in Chicago, an exclusive winery in Napa Valley, and even a luxury restroom rental trailer by Don’s John’s which was used at President Obama’s inauguration in 2009. You can cast your vote here: America’s Best Restroom.

I voted for the Scottsdale restroom purely out of hometown pride….I haven’t visited yet. But I do have tickets for a December event, so perhaps my sister will prove right after all.

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  1. My favorite is in City Hall. All the way in the back, hidden away so that very few know about it and fewer use it. You can barely fit through the door. Which pounds heavily against the wall when you open it so everyone at the City Council meetings knows what exactly what you are doing.

    With a bathroom this small it’s no wonder crud accumulates in City Hall:)

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